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WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Health Canada.

About Alt Vape

Alt Vape is an Alberta-based vape retailer founded by Danielle Chesney and partners.

The company opened its first Calgary location in late 2017 and has since expanded across the province, with stores in Calgary, Cochrane, Lethbridge, and Edmonton. Alt Vape is dedicated to safe and informed distribution of vaping products and is an industry leader in age-gating best practices.

Alt Vape first began testing Patronscan’s age-gating software in 2019 and has since implemented the software at all locations across Alberta, as well as Rather than web users having to simply input their birthday to enter Alt Vape’s ecommerce platform, a practice easily skirted by minors, shoppers are required to scan their authentic government-issued ID using their smartphone. This provides a viable and secure form of age-gating, that helps to prevent minors from accessing age-restricted content.

“We want the government to see that our industry can be part of the solution,” says Danielle Chesney, CEO of Alt Vape. “While we can’t monitor or police anything outside of our walls and digital storefronts, and we know nothing is foolproof, there are significant steps we can take ourselves to drastically reduce exposure of our products to minors. As an industry, we should be collectively taking action to protect our businesses and our communities.”